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    Dec 3, 2016, 11:22 PM
    Boys foreskin
    Has your son ever had his foreskin say behind his glans, how did you end up having the foreskin slide back over the glans

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Hi Im 16 years old and am slightly concerned about my foreskin. It comes back over the head when erected and with slight force a small bit further resulting in my penis bending slightly. I have no problems returning it to normal after the erection.As I say it can retract slightly but seems like...

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I have a serious problem here. My foreskin does not go back at all. First, I used to believe that its normal but now after listening from friends, I understood that the foreskin should go back. I have never had intercourse with girl till now. While masturbating it hurts a lot when I try to pull the...

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What is the function of the foreskin in mammals ?

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A slight itching come in my foreskin and it started inflamated and having slight pain It reduces the size of the hole too. Around 2 years back I got this problem but after 4-5 weeks it has gone. Now it is come again two weeks back it is gone and again started. Now I cannot pull back the skin at...

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