1) Phosphorus trichloride gas and chlorine gas react to form phosphorus pentachloride gas

PCl3 + Cl2 ......> PCl5

A gas vessel is charged with a mixture of PCl3 (g) and Cl2 (g) , which is allowed to equilibrate at 450 K . At equilibrium the partial pressures of the three gasses are Ppcl3 =0.124 atm Pcl2 atm = 0.157 atm and Ppcl5 = 1.30 atm

a) what is the value of Kp at this tempreture

b) Does the equilibrium favor reactants or products

I Know the first required , I get Kp= 66.77
but the second I didn't


a) At 800K the equilibrium constant for

I2 ......> 2I

is Kc = 3.1 * 10 ^-5 if an equilibrium mixture in a 10 L vessel contains 2.67 * 10^-2 g of I
how many grams of I2 are in the mixture

b) For 2 SO2(g) + O2(g) ..........> 2SO3(g)

Kp= 3*10^4 at 700 K . In a 2 L vessel the equilibrium mixture contains 1.57g of SO3 and 0.125 g of O2 . How many grams of SO2 are in the vessel ?