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    Jul 19, 2003, 11:23 AM
    DVD Drive
    Earlier I had a DVD-ROM drive ,I bought a Sony 52/24/52
    Cd Writer and replaced the DVD with it making it the master drive now when I try to install the DVD as slave drive it gives me some error during boot about PCI which I think might have something to do with the audio cable from the DVD to the Sound Card . As soon as I remove the drive PC functions normally . The Audio Cable on The SONY drive has
    Has 3 wires (Red , Black and white ) and that on the DVD drive has 4 wires ( Red , Black Yellow and White ) . Please advise whether I am using the wrong Audio CAble or something else I am doing wrong .
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    Jul 24, 2003, 07:50 AM
    DVD Drive
    First off the master/slave should be between your hard drive and another hardware device, like your CDRW, adding another hardware device goes under the Control Panel, System, Device Manager, it should be listed there. To add another hardware device you need to go to the control panel, Add/Remove Hardware and make sure you put the CD that came with the hardware when the system searches for the device, you indicate that you have CD.
    Another problem is your cables. You need to go to the web page for that and search for your device and look under setup. If that doesn't help WIndows Support has a list of hardware devices that offer support, including the fact that some just do not get along with Windows operating system, which I assume you are using.
    Also the PCI needs to be troubleshooted by also searching the Windows Support pages, also see under the Control Panel if you have any yellow or red marks under any of your devices. Also in Windows, Start menu, Accessories, System Tools, System Information list any problem devices you are having, plus more information on your computer just browse around.
    Hope that helps, you got some sluething to do.
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    Jul 24, 2003, 10:57 AM
    DVD Drive
    Thanks for the Reply .

    I installed SONY CD-RW as master on Secondary IDE channel and my existing DVD-ROM as Slave on Primary IDE channel . I have enabled Diagnostics in Bios mode . When I start the computer both the drives get detected and Windows Starts but it hangs on the Desktop screen without loading Explorer and the icons .
    When I replaced the DVD and installed the CDWriter
    My PC works perfectly . Earliers MY DVD drive was also working perfectly . But when I connect Both It hangs as mentioned above.
    I didn`t have to install either firmware for both Drives as
    Windows installed it itself .

    Please tell me what you think
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    Jul 25, 2003, 07:53 AM
    DVD Drive
    Hello, ::)
    Ok, you gave me some more info, what operating system are you running?
    Did you enable DMA in the DVD and CDRW properites?
    Sometimes that helps.
    Go to Start Menu, Control Panel, System, look under the Device Manager tabs, check to see if those two drives are sharing IRQ resources by going to each drive listed, to Properties, to the Resource Tab. If they are then that is a problem, one of the IRQ's have to be changed by unchecking the tab "Use automatic settings" the tricky part is asigning the IRQ's yourself, most of them will tell you you can't use that setting cause it conflicts with something else. Your best bet is to use the System Information area and click on the IRQ list and see if there are any openings. I had no openings on mine so I disabled something I do not use, like the JoyStick.
    Reboot and see if that helps.
    Ok so you have a boot up problem. Check all running tasks by Start Menu, Run command, type in msconfig, you will open a menu, go to the Tab for Startup, scroll down and see if you truly need all that stuff to start up right away, some things that you do not use, uncheck, you are not deleting them, you are just telling them you don't need them to be starting when you boot up, you can use the application when you want. You will not hurt anything there. Then you have to reboot again.
    If this doesn't help. Reboot, Hit F8, go to Safe Mode, and go to the Control Panel, and System, and see if there are any yellow or red colors, if there are these are the devices that are giving you problems, right them down. Reboot to Real Time. Go to the Windows Support page and check out the list of things that you wrote down for suggestions to fix them.
    Another problem is letting windows choose your drivers for your CD and DVD settings. This could be a problem also. Use the CD disc for the drivers, if no disc came with it go to there business web page and download the current drivers, make sure you print the page about installation.
    After downloading the drivers go to the System, Device Manager, select the Drive, and go to Update Driver and make sure you select Browse so you can install the correct one. You will have to reboot after that.
    If you are still having problems, answer this back and I will help you troubleshoot more.
    This is sure a pain isn't it? Keep it up, don't get discouraged, we have all been through this.
    Hope this helps, Kim
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    Jul 25, 2003, 09:38 AM
    DVD Drive
    Kim.. Hi this is Vikram.

    I am using Windows 98 SE.
    When both the drives
    LG DRD8080B and Sony CRX220E1 are connected and when I switch on the computer it just hangs before fully loading . I have nothing to work with . I cannot go to Control Panel when both the drives are connected . So the only choice I have is to Pull the cord . Again when I switch it on it goes to Safe Mode . But then Windows doesn`t show me any Drives in the Explorer or "My Computer" I go to System through Control Panel . It tells me that Drive C(HDD) and Drive A(FDD) are running in "Compatibility Mode" of which I have no idea . So I disconnect one of the drives and Computer works perfectly without me doing anything. So I can only work when I have one drive installed . I have searched for the drivers for My DVD-ROm and it has been discontinued long back . Do you think it might have something to do with the ASPI layer installed.
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    Jul 25, 2003, 11:37 AM
    DVD Drive
    I don't know if this will help, but it always provides some insight:

    Go to and get a knoppix cd. Boot from the cd and see if the same problem occurs. Whether it does or not will help, because by using this cd you are taking windows out of the "loop" so you can identify if it or the windows drivers are the problem. :)

    Hope this helps...

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    Jul 25, 2003, 12:23 PM
    DVD Drive
    Hello Vickram,
    Go to the directions for installing either drive. You will notice that one of the drives has to be the slave. The master drive is "C", that is why it will not boot.
    When booting hit "del" the period on the number pad. This puts you in BIOS, you will see that the computer has a drive designated start up, for instance, Boots: drive A, drive D, drive C. change the boot sequence to Drive C first. I can't remember which category has that, but I believe it is the second section on the left.
    Remember to save before closing.
    REboot, should go to C first and get you into your computer.
    "Compatibility Mode" means the C drive is not be recognized because you hooked both hardware devices on the one designated for C drive, so it thinks you don't want C, and just want Dvd and CD.
    Go to Windows Support Page, Win98, Category has how to install CD, and DVD, also list problems you have at start up. Remember other people had the same problem, that is why they list the answers, Microsoft operating system has lots of gliches.
    Print out the instructions or save them on your Desktop for immediate research.
    Please read what it says, the technical issues you are having need to be fixed at a crutial step by step process and I don't want you to miss it, OK?
    I believe you installed it correctly, driver wise, just not boot sequence correct. The only thing that would stop it if you unplugged one and everything is OK, is an IRQ problem, Did you check that one?
    Try those, re post.
    I am running same system, had same problem, had to do same thing. This can be fixed, don't worry you can do it!! Kim ;)

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