Hi, the cd drive on my laptop does not seem to be working properly. It works to some extent in that it picks up that a cd is there, but it doesn't read the information on it properly.

For example, when I insert an audio cd and try to open it with itunes to copy onto my computer, it comes up with the wrong number of tracks, and some are listed as being 15 hours long, and of course this means it says it cannot find the track names etc.

I thought this was possibly an itunes problem, but it happens with any other media player as well. It just randomly started doing this a while ago now. At first if I just took out the cd and then reinserted it then the problem was fixed, but that doesn't happen anymore. With the cd I'm trying at the moment, it is consistent with how it is reading it wrong. Each time it comes up with 7 tracks (there should be 13) one of which is 15 hours long and if you try to play any of them you can hear bits of the songs but its scrambled a bit and cuts in and out.

Any ideas what the problem is and what I can do about this?