Someone abandoned 7 kittens in a box right in front of my house, so I took them in and have been feeding them for one week already.

On day 4, one of them have bloody stools and the rest was fine. However I brought all of them to the vet. The vet said that there's nothing he can do, because they are so young that they can't take any medication.

On day 5, all of them have yellow watery stools and I am so worried. I brought them to the vet again and this time the vet ask me to dilute the formula milk.

On day 6, most of them are still in the same situation, one of them is still having bloody watery yellowish stools.

Today, I found pus oozing out from the eye of that one who have bloody stools. Another thing is that when I check them out getting ready for the feeding, I found them all wet! I don't know which one of them peed, but when I stimulate them after every feeding, they are just fine..

Now I am dead worried.. The vet is not open so I can only bring them to the vet tomorrow. Why is that one having pus coming out from its eye? The kittens wet themselves, is this a bad sign that something is going to happen? What can I do for now until I bring them to the vet? I feed and stimulates their bowel movement once every 3 hours around the clock. I am using KMF that was bought from the vet, and followed exactly how the vet has told me to do.. What else did I miss?