Okay so I have looked all over the web for this answer and can't find it! I have found many sites that have explained that you shouldn't find homes for kittens till they are 12 weeks old because it can cause a lot of mental and physical problems (which is good to know I wouldn't want to separate them from the mom too early, so that worked out) and many sites have said they can stop nursing anywhere between 8-14 weeks. This however does not answer my question, I really need to know when to introduce dry or wet cat food to these kittens! I have already seen a couple of them investigating their mama's food but not eating it.

I mean what if one stops nursing before the others? What if they all stop nursing before I think they will? I want to make sure they have an alternate source of food.

BTW don't know if this will help any but they were born on February 4th so they are almost a month old.