I recently, as in today, adopted a kitty. She's very pregnant and should give birth within the next couple weeks.

I've dealt with a mommy cat before, so I know what to do before and after the kittens are born. The thing is, I wasn't home the day she actually gave birth, so I'm unsure of what I should be looking for to know she's in labor.

I have a box for her, and a blanket. I don't think she'll actually give birth in the box, but I have it for her anyway. At the very least, I can move the kittens there after they're born.

I just need to know how to be absolutely sure she's in labor. I know, with most animals it's fairly obvious. I also know that some animals, especially cats, can be very good at hiding the signs, and the babies. Thankfully, since I don't own much right now, there aren't a lot of places she can hide her kids. I'm just worried that because she's been a stray for who-knows-how-long that she'll hide the signs and I won't be able to help if she needs it.