Two wild young cats showed up at my house a few months ago. They slowly begin to get use to us since we fed them. So, we took the girl in to the vet and got her spayed first. Right when we were about to get the boy neutered he was sadly hit by a car by some careless driver. A couple months after the girl cat was spayed boy cats would try to mate with her so we had to keep her away from them as best we could and try to collect a urine sample to see if she had a urinary infection. She has been known to disappear for hours at a time but she always comes back by the end of the day to get some food. However, recently she slept in my room with me but I put her outside in the early morning and when I awoke she wasn't outside. I wasn't too concerned but then night came and she was no where in sight. The next day came and still no where to be found. By nightfall still no sight of her. I don't know what happened to her and I feel terrible because I was becoming very attached to her and I love her a lot. She's been gone only 2 days but its not normal for her to be gone this long. If she had been killed by a car like her brother I would think she would have been in the street like we found him. If she was killed by a dog I would think she would have came home to die. Does anyone have suggestions of where she could be?