This past easter, my 15 year old persian cat passed away. We knew he had entered into the dying phase, and we took him to see the vet. Our vets told us that he wasn't in pain and that it would be okay to let him die naturally (instead of euthanizing him).

A number of hours before he died, he started losing the ability to use his hind legs, and then his front legs started to give out on him, too. We helped him to stay warm, clean, fed and very, very loved. But when we were going to bed that night, his head began to get very shaky, wobbling from side to side (but not up and down like nodding). Does anyone know what that might have been?

We fell asleep together, and in the morning he died. He let out two big meows then. He was not much of a meower. I really hope and pray that he didn't suffer.

I know that he became very, very weak, but in the time before he died you could see in his eyes that he was so happy to be so close to us (I also stopped working in the days beforehand to be with him), and he even managed to purr. I loved him sooooo much, there aren't words to express it.

If anyone can help us to understand what these symptoms might have been caused by, we would be extremely grateful.