Hi there. I am planning to move into a new flat very soon but am worried about my cat doing the same thing as he has done to the wall in my current house. There are claw marks all the way up the walls going upstairs. He is a house cat and never goes out as he grew up in an eighth floor flat and wouldn't go out when I moved into my house. I have probably already lost my bond from my current address and don't want the same thing to happen in my new flat. I have read about declawing and trimming the cats claws to stop it scratching the walls/carpets but don't like the sound of that idea as it isn't fare on the cat. I have thought of fastening bubble wrap to the walls so that he is frightened away from the walls or putting something on the floor in front of the wall so that he can't reach it to scratch. Has anybody got any idea's on what other material I could stick to the wall that might scare the cat away or any other idea's at all really. Thanks very much for your comments :)