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    Sep 21, 2018, 04:07 AM
    Someone I know is abusing their 2 cats 1 of them was taken away from mom at less than
    Someone I know is abusing their 2 cats 1 of them was taken away from mom at less than a month (couldnít even walk properly) The cats fur is shaved like lions (not for health reasons just because they wanted to) and they took them to this unnecessary procedure in a hot car (it was 100F outside) they were so anxious and hot they panted with their mouths open like dogs. The owner (a girl in hs) filmed it. One of the cats threw up at the salon but they still shaved her and even though they gave them tranquilizers (which sounds really bad too) the cats were so freaked out they walked around scared in their own home and hissed at each other because they were so terrified they didnít recognize each other. Again, this was filmed. The owner also filmed videos of herself hurling cucumbers directly at her cats. She also told people of her plans to dye her cats pink using regular human hair dye and painting their claws with polish, but after everyone told her it was toxic (which she apparently didnít know) she said she wouldnít do it. She also forcibly cuddles and squishes her cats and yanks their tails (apparently softly, but still). She also washes them for fun and they hate it.
    The cats seem very unhappy, their paws are stained from their litter box (they seem too traumatised to clean themselves) and even though they are still pretty young, they donít play at all and just walk around really confused and seem a bit traumatized. They also poop and pee everywhere (in protest)?My question is- what can be done? I donít know this person very well, so might be that sheís doing even more to them. Like, if you call animal services, how can they intervene like just march into their apartment and take the cats away? Maybe I am overreacting because the cats are fed and nobody actually hits them. Am I overreacting?
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    Sep 21, 2018, 09:09 AM
    If you think an animal has been neglected or mistreated then you report it to the local SPCA or local animal control anonymously.
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    Nov 8, 2018, 01:37 AM
    I don't think you are overreacting. I think you are concerned because these animals are not being treated with kindness. Cats are very attuned to people and their environment. These people should not have any animals in their care. It is a terrible situation for the animals and I would agree that you need to call the nearest animal control center in your area. They do not necessarily take the animals - but they can help educate people on how to treat their animals which your friends seem to need. Sometimes education can help people realize what they are doing and how they are hurting someone or something that cannot advocate on their own behalf.

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