We get our cat shaved a couple time's a year.I would like to try shaving him myself.We take him to get him shaved and I have never seen him being shaved.He is a really mellow cat so I am pretty sure he should not be to big of a problem to shave.
It is kind of a hassle to take him to get it done and the other day I had an appoinment and took him there and the groomer was not even there and never even called me,Kind of ticked me off since I got home from work 3:00
Am and the appt was for 9:00 AM So I only got like four hour's of sleep
And worked another 12 hour shift after that.So I figure they lost my business.
Besides that it's kind of expensive to get him shaved 55.00 and plus he is diabitic so I have an insulin cost also.
He love's it when I bring him home and he is shaved he act's like a whole different cat.
Can any one give me any tip's on shaving my cat.
Thank's Doug