My cat is long haired and stays indoors. About 3 weeks to a month ago, she escaped outside and was out about an hour. I think this is probably when she picked up the fleas. I did not even know she had fleas until two days ago when I discovered bugs in her hair and reasearched all the black flakes she was dropping and discovered it was "flea dirt". Now she is leaving little eggs everywhere too. I can not afford to take her to a vet or groomers so I am going to have to try something at home. I have heard the flea medicines you buy at the store are very toxic for cats and humans.
I tried bathing her with Dawn and Johnson's baby shampoo, but she's never been bathed by me (I've had her 2 years and she is five years old) She is generally a sweet and trusting cat but she freaked out with the bath. It did kill some, but I am afraid I didn't do a very thorough job, half my time was spent trying to catch her.
We've been mopping and vacuuming like crazy, and going along behind her picking up eggs with sticky tape. I just don't want a full blown infestation on our hands, but I am not sure what else to do, short of shaving her and bathing her again. I figured shaving would help me to at least see the fleas, and get most of them in the bath. Her fur is so long and thick they just burrow away somewhere else.
Help, I am at my wits end.