I just got home and found one of my kittens breathing very weirdly! She won't meow right, she won't drink the kitten formula (her mommy was hit by a car), she seems to be 75% paralyzed... she can move but not like she used to. There's was 4 kittens that are like a week or 2 old who's mom died a few days after birth. They were outdoor kitties that I feed (im too much of an animal lover I spend the money I don't have to feed stray kitties)... and all but 1 had eye infections (big matted dirty puss filled lumps over their eyes)... and one died from the infection because it was just too much to help. The other's eye infections are okay now, I just clean them with a teabag or epsom salt or something but they still get gooey. Anyway... now this poor tiny orange kitten named Simone is lying helplessly and paralyzed looking on my couch with a blanket over her to keep warm. She was making weird noises 2 days ago and looked like she was going to cough something up so I held her upsidedown and just stroked her until she vomited... well after that she was fine but was just meowing like her throat hurt a bit from the puke... now she does this weird things where she will open her mouth really wide and just stick her tongue out.. and then wine after. When she does the opening of the mouth thing , it seems sudden like it's a reaction to a sudden pain. She's been like thisfor a hour or 2 and I really don't have money to save this kitten right now.. WHAT CAN I DO?? OR At least WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER!! She's SO PRECIOUS! :( pleease help without being rude and telling me I should have brought her to the vet... because sometimes people can't just pull that kind of money out of their bleep. Thanks :(