Hi there,
My cat is not quite a year old and hasn't had any vaccinations or vet visits. We had financial crisis and this was low priority. Just before getting her spayed we realized she was pregnant. The kittens were born a week ago tomorrow morning. I have not really picked them up and examined them until thismorning. I noticed one kitten has a bulging or swollen up eye. The eyes of all the kittens are still closed, including the one in question. I initially thought perhaps this is from an intrusion or infection resulting from birth or afterbirth issues. I've searched online and had many topics come close, but nothing that really seemed to be the same situation with any useful conclusion or advice. I still don't have the money to go to the vet with this newborn kitten and I'm not sure that this is considered an emergency case yet. There appears to be no redness around the swollen or affected area. There is no weeping or puss. Everything looks normal except for the bulging eye. It appears to be nearly double the size of the normal eye. The lid is not open and I wasn't hugely alarmed by it, only thinking of the kids I've had and how the delivery dr would put an eye ointment on human newborns to prevent infection. I wonder if this could be the same type of thing? Should I try warm/cold compress or perhaps some triple antibiotic ointment (neosporin?)? How long should I wait for this to resolve itself before considering it to be an emergency... or should I NOW consider this to be an emergency?
Any advice or similar experience would be welcome.
I can't just let the kitten die but I also don't want to be unreasonable about realizing the limitations of finances and determining the point at which it is frivolous or too much money to be worth the fight. Would I then be right in deciding to frivolous the kitten or allow it to die in due course? What is my appropriate role in this dilemma... what does society condone?
Thank you for your input!