One of my cats had kittens, and she won't feed them. We just discovered them today, and we figure she had them either early yesterday or late the night before. So, they've been at least 24 hours without food. Our other mama kitty is keeping them clean, but she won't feed them. There were 5 kittens, one was dead when we discovered them. Of the four left, I've gotten three to eat baby formula out of a dropper, though not much. The fourth won't open it's mouth, like, no matter how hard we try. I've got them all wrapped up in a towel on a heating pad to keep them warm, but I'm just stuck. I've never tried to save baby kittens this young... I'm not sure what to do. We don't have a vet or humane society here... so it's pretty much up to us. HELP!! I don't want to lose any more of them.