Hello there,

I have looked everywhere for an answer. Because I am very worried about my cat. You see when I first got her with my husband she acted very strange. Today it has been a year, my cat is 2 years old and she acts like a new born baby. In every way, she is very needy although we give her attention. She never understands when she is told to not do something, 5 minutes later she would forget. She looks around as if she has never seen our house, and looks at me sometimes staring for 20 minutes. She overly grooms, every 30 minutes at least, my husband has had cats, and he told me he thought she was probably slow.

We noticed that she doesn't meow normally, and her body hasn't changed. She is a calico female, but her face hasn't grown, she still looks as if she was a kitten. We always have food available, but she over eats, and digs on our garbage can to eat our food. However, we have never given her human food. Her meow is very odd, I have try to educate her for the past 2 years, but nothing happens. She plays by herself, and if we play with her, she never gets tired. My husband used to play sometimes, but she never got tired for 5 hours straight.