I just purchased a himilayan kitten. When I got home I looked him over he was bold all on his tummy,back legs and a little bit of the front legs I also found out a few days later he has mites I am pretty sure they are ear mites because his ears are full of black so I started treting him with bio-groom ear drops. I have been doing this everyday for a week and some and giving him fle bathes every second day. Now my older kitten (I have been treating as well but every second day) has scabbing not that much though just little bumps and red spots on his nose,lower lip and eye brows.Now I have 40 bites all over my body I really need help I have treated my cats put them in a room by themselves and cleaned the whole house what can I do to help them and is it just mites that they have or something else to.how can I cure them so I can go around them. Please help.Also are there mites on me to or am I just getting bit. What kind of mites are these. Can I do sulfer dips that are a shampoo to them or are them to young ones 10 weeks and the others 5 months.