Hi, my kitten is now 12 weeks old and its an absoloute nut job. Anything that moves, she is on it, her mother jinx is scared to death of her and tries to reach the highest place she can as soon as the kitten comes near her,lol. She has a habit of jumping up the walls to rip off the wallpaper she has recked my dining room, jinx was excessivly hypo when she was a kitten, so much so I nearly let her go, but this one, well, I have never seen anything like it in my life. My legs are mangled from where she swings from them, she doesn't let jinx in to eat if she is there first, she thinks she is tarzan and swings from anything and everything, she never sleeps, I don't let her in my living room because she attacks everythin but you can guarantee that as soon as I open the door she is sat there waiting to squeeze through a gap,then she is off like a bullet,swinging once again,lol

I know I laugh at this but I really think there is something wrong with her, regular kittens play I know this, but she is like the spawn of satan when she gets going,lol
She has even taken to wreckin all the carpets she can get her claws into. She has got a scratching post and jinx uses it all the time, so she knows what to do with it, but all she uses it for is to dive off the top onto any passer by she sits in wait for someone,then you got a kitten attatched to your butt for 5 minutes because she won't get off,lol, she also has dozens of toys which she doesn't play with, she just rips them to bits and then off to whatever she can find next ,lol
She drives me up the wall nearly all the time, then she will have a couple of minutes of being loving and wanted to be stroked, and I think to myself awww isn't she sweet, then she dives on me face and were off again,lol

Any advice, please don't tell me its kittens being kittens, I have to live with her and it isn't normal behaviour LOL