My cat went into labour this morning, had one kitten (healthy) 2 1/2 hours ago. The mom looked uncomfortable for a while after birth (thought there were more coming), but she just went and had some food and water. She went back to her nesting area, picked up the new kitten and started walking around with it in her mouth (obviously looking for a new space), but she returned to her original spot. Really strange behaviour, but now she doesn't look uncomfortable or even that's still in labour. There are obviously more kittens waiting to be born. I also noticed a small white worm near her butt and removed it. She's about a year old, and this is her first litter. I've been watching her closely, which she doesn't seem to mind, but she's meowing when I'm around her. Is all of this normal behaviour, or should I just let her go where she wants to go? She's normally an inside cat, but has even "asked" to go outside (which, of course, I didn't let her). Any answers would be a great help! Thanks.