We adopted 2 cats 10 months ago from the Animal Rescue Center. One cat was 5 months old at the time. He is a black and white, medium length haired cat. When we got him, the hair on his abdomen was like someone had shaved him. The ARC didn't have any back ground information on him but did say that the cat was neutered and was probably shaved at that time. Since quite a bit of hair was "shaved", I am assuming that he was probably quite matted and perhaps was shaved for this reason. Issue... Ten months later and none of the hair has grown back. It hasn't even started to grow. He doesn't appear ill nor does it appear to bother him. I am starting to wonder though... how long does it take for cat hair to grow back? Is it possible that it was never shaven and this is some sort of birth defect and the hair will never grow back in? These are the first cats that I have ever owned as I owned a dog for 12 years prior to this. Does anyone know if it is normal for cat hair to take 10+ months to start to grow? It's not a problem, but he does look rather 'odd' - big black and white cat with 'jiggly' pink belly... Thanks in advance for your input