Could someone please tell me how long a mother cat can nurse kittens.
I am feeding a feral cat, and she has had kittens 5 or 6 weeks ago I think. I give her good quality and variety of cat food, and I have also been putting kitten food in the dishes in case the kittens are now able to eat by themselves. However, I am not sure they always have access to the food because of a very busy street. They shelter on my side of the street. Crossing to get food can be dangerous at certain times of day. I am not allowed to feed on my side and have to put the food across the street in the preserve. I am in a condo association and my neighbors hate animals. I am wondering how long the mother can continue nursing the kittens to augment the food I am putting across the street if they are not able to get over there to get it. The 4th of July weekend was very hectic and scary for all the animals and they may have had trouble crossing to get the food.
I think the kittens are about a month and a half old, and could eat my food if they could get to the food. I did see one over there once a couple weeks ago, so she may be taking them over there on a daily basis, I don't know. I don't want them to starve, but as I said, I am not allowed to feed on my side. I am hoping that she can still nurse them at those times when they cannot get over to get my food.
Thank you for any help.