How long can a cat be in labor?Yesterday morning my cat woke us all up, practically screaming.. She was in labor. We prepared a birth box for her which she refused. She hopped up on the couch and had two beautiful kittens.. It was sad to see her in so much pain. I will definitely get her fixed after seeing that.. Over hour later later an amniotic sac started coming out... It popped . No kitten. 45 minutes after that here comes miracle. Not in his sac and not moving around. I thought he was stillborn but we blew lightly,in his face and he started mewing we cut the cord and gave him to momma and she took it from there. 4am the next morning she had another kitten. She had it and didn't take the sac off . She just left him there. We quickly took care of that and gave him to momma also blew lightly on him and he started breathing. I think I feel another kitten in there, but maybe not. Not sure. I didn't even know the labor could last so long, is it even possible for a fifth kitten to be in her ? Its 27 hours since labor onset . She seems relaxed, but she seemed relaxed after the first three.