Hi! I am new here and I have been trying to find out some information about mother cats. I have recently started feeding a stray cat that seems to live in the woods behind my apartment building.She looks like she may have recently had kittens, but I have not seen them yet. I am not sure if she is feral or stray. She looks wild yet after a few days she started acting less frightened of me and will let me touch her. She acts like she may have once lived with people & is very affectionate now, she comes to the door and meows for us and wants to be cuddly.I want to take her to be spayed etc but I think she had some kittens because of the way her tummy looks really saggy & her nipples look very big (like my former dog's when she was nursing) she is also eating amazing amounts of food! I know if she is a stray she would be hungry, but she has been eating tons! Are there any other ways I can figure out if she does have kittens? Because if she does indeed have kittens I don't want to take her to the vet yet because the babies would be alone. Should I wait for a few weeks and just see what happens? How would you handle it?

Ps. I'm also not sure if I'm feeding her the rights things. I've been giving her hard food, fancy feast & milk. Does she need kitten chow?