My cat has been healthy his whole life, the only problems he's had have involved his teeth. Right now his left eye is swollen and often teary, which also happened a few years ago. The vet decided once again, it was probably related to his tooth. They removed one from the area, cleaned the rest, and claimed to have seen no signs of a tumor, but to let them know if the swelling doesn't go down in a few days. It's been about 9 days and the swelling hasn't noticeably decreased nor increased. The vet now claims it is probably cancer. The eye doesn't seem to bother him, he sleeps on both the swollen and not swollen side, and is not bothered if you touch it. You would not think anything was wrong with him if it wasn't swollen; he acts just like he always has. Is it really most likely cancerous? Couldn't it be conjunctivitis or something else?