I have read other peoples questions about if their cat had a stoke or not, but my cat didnt do the exact same thing as others. My cat is about fourteen or fiveteen years old. I woke this morning to him on his back in my bed with all four of his legs twitching, pretty much he was flopping around. When I finally calmed him down his breathing was heavy he was actually panting. He has urinated and lost control of his bowels once this morning. He can hear me when I call his name, but its like he can't pick his head up to look at me. I havent got him off of my bed yet to see if he can walk or not. He is also restless and can't stay in one spot to long. I tryed to look at his eyes to see if he is blind from what happened this morning, but no such luck yet. I hope I have provided enough information for someone to help me. Im not sure if he has had a stroke or a seizure. He is my life, so any information and tips would be greatly appreciated.