I read that colloidal silver is a general antibiotic for both kittens/cats as well as people. I picked up some the general health store - 10ppm.

Jeremy, one of my (4 week? 5 week?) kittens had a swollen eye to the point it was bulging out of his little face. This happened this week, otherwise he was a fine, great personality, kitten.

I put drops in his eyes of the colloidal silver and gave him some by mouth twice a day. I started the day before yesterday.

He ate in the morning yesterday, did not eat his dinner. He sat there shivering. I put him with his siblings and went to bed.

I woke up and there he was laying by the waterbowl. I knew he was dying. His brother Matthew had died two weeks ago. I held Jeremy while he died.

My question is did I give him too much? Ironically the swelling in his eye went way down and the bulging disappeared.

Joshua is sick. I plan to take Joshua in on Wednesday when I get paid. I stopped giving them all the colloidal silver.

Oh geez, I'm just blithering on, I'm just so sick with grief.

Did I screw up?