Hi, last Friday my cat was throwing up green bile was not eating or drinking and just hiding and she meowed when I picked her up, we took her to the vet she had a temperature of 106 and she had an infection so the vet gave us some antibiotics and some nutrience, slowly she started getting better and was back to her normal self, however yesterday she went downhill again she's hiding again and she started throwing up she's not eating or drinking again but today she has started drinking but she won't eat, also we have noticed by the litter box on the floor there is a clear jelly substance we don't know if it is her urine of her throwing up, she is just not herself and I'm really worried about her we've been to the vet and spent so much money and he didn't really explain much but I think I might have to take her back tomorrow, please if anyone has any information it would be gratefully appreciated