My cat has gotten too clingy lately. I don't know what to do. While it's cute and endearing sometimes, other times it becomes annoying or downright dangerous. Let me tell you what I mean.

For example, my cat literally follows me around everywhere. No matter where I go, he's right there next to me. He can be in an entirely different room, and if I make even the slightest movement, he comes running. He'll be in the kitchen, laying on the kitchen table. I'l be in the living room sitting at the computer. If I stand up from the chair, he'll literally explode off the table and dash over to me, sometimes bashing into me or the chair in his excitement.

If I make a movement like I;m heading to my room, he'll run over to my bedroom door and wait for me. Even if I'm not heading that way. He also has a habit of walking right underneath my feet. That can be very dangerous for a lot of reasons. I could be carrying a hot bowl of soup from the kitchen to the living room, and he causes me to step on him and spill the hot soup everywhere. I also feel bad because it feels like my stepping on him could have hurt. But he never stops doing it.

If I go into my bedroom and shut the door behind him (or the bathroom, or the garage) he'll sit at the other side of the door and paw and claw and literally bash himself against it trying to get in. And he'll meow and meow and meow. He never stops. And when I say never stops, I mean it. He's literally gone on meowing at my door for almost 4 straight hours before, until I finally got annoyed enough to open it.

And when I open it even the slightest inch, he'll try to force himself into the room by bashing and sqeezing himself against the crack. Unfortunately, his meow is extremely loud and obnoxious sometimes.

ANd again, sometimes when he sees me, he'll make weird mewling sounds that don';t sound anything like a meow at all. It makes me think he's sick or in pain or something, even when he doesn't look like it.

I love my cat more than anything, but honestly, he's becoming way too clingy lately. It's both annoying and dangerous. What am I supposed to do?