I have been having problems with my 14 month old, neutered himalayan/persian male cat. I noticed he began on anything in the house right after we had him neutered. He might have been doing this previously, but I don't think so. We took him to the vet this past January to have him checked for crystals. There were no crystals. The vet actually drew urine from his bladder directly. They also checked for diabetes, but the results were negative, too. The vet then concluded the cat's health was fine, what we had was a behavioral problem. We closed the cat off with the litter box for a couple of weeks to "re-bond". Well, this didn't work, either. He continued to pee on coats, chairs, newspapers, bags, the floor with nothing on it. Yesterday morning, we discovered he went pee on the computer keyboard. He had to make a real effor to do this. We are at a loss of what to do. Our vet thinks maybe his blood lines were bred to close, and his wiring upstairs is not right. We love our cat, be he's ruining our house. Any thoughts?
As a side note, the breeder denies too close of breeding, so I don't know what to think anymore.:confused: