My cat has started vomiting this evening. He did manage to bring up a hairball with his first about... which I thought was great and hoped he felt better after. But since then he has "spit up" 3 more times. Nothing of substance really. Just yellow liquid. I recently gave him a couple pieces of his food to see if he would eat it. Well, he has an appetite, but within 30 minutes it came back up. He has also had diarrhea for the past couple days. I put a call in to our vet. Naturally, the office closed at 5pm. The operator said she would "put out a page". I have yet to hear from anyone. I'm so worried. He's my baby.
He is an indoor cat that is 6 years old. He is up to date with all shots/doctor visits and is flea free. He eats dry food and is never given table scraps of any kind. I do not leave any cleaning products of any sort around where he may get into them. I don't understand this.
If anyone has any idea why this may be happening to him please let me know.
For tonight it looks as though I will just have to keep an eye on him. I'm not going to leave any food out for him. I don't want to add to his problems and I'm sure his tummy needs a rest. Tomorrow he is going to the doctors first thing!
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.