Hi there
Please could someone help,I have an 8 yr old black cat who has been vomiting since Sunday evening at least 4-5 times a day.I usually give her tinned meat with a few dried biscuits on top for her meals.on Sunday I gave her a saucer full of dried biscuits as a treat.later that evening she started wrenching,of which I thought she was coughing up a fur ball,but it was the cat biscuits as they were still whole and still had their shape.she continued to vomit throughout the night into the next day.the vomit went from mushy to runny,looked like saliva with a hint of pink colour in it.sometimes the vomit is brown but this is only when she has eaten her meat,which is why I haven't taken her to the vets as she is still eating her food and she does come to me.its not like she's lifeless or anything but she just can't keep anything down.Today I have had a feel of her tummy and it feels a little hard and she groaned when I pushed my fingers onto her tummy to have a feel.she is still vomiting today it is now thurs can anyone give advice or does anyone know what the problem is would really appreciate it.