I Have A 3 Yr Old Female Cat-and I Love Her To Death.. the Only Problem Is That Even After She Got Nuterd/ Or Operated She Continues To Pee On My Sofa.. She Would Do This A lot Before She Got Operated (especially When She Would Be In Heat) She Would Either Go On The Sofa Or My Bed, Sniff A Little Then Scratch The Surface A Bit And Pee Instead Of Using Her Litter Box.. dont Get Me Wrong She Uses More Her Litter Box To Do Her Other Necessaries And Also To Pee.. Everyone Around Me Told Me That She Would Stop Doing This After She Gets Operated-and On April 8 Of This Year I Took Her To The Nearest Animal Clinic 2 Have Her Operated Few Days Before I Got Married I Didn't Want My Husband To See Her Doing This-was Kind of Emberrasing.. at First Everything Was Good But Then Just Last Week She Began To Pee On The Sofa Again, And Yesterday As Soon As She Climbed Down From The Window She Scratched The Sofa A Little And Peed Quickly.. This Is Getting Annoying For My Husband And I.. I Was Thinking That Maybe She Does This Because Either She Scents The Pee That She Marked Before Or Maybe She Is Jealous Or Something.. Its Hard To Take Out The Scent Of Her Urine From The Sofa-what Can I Do? Any Suggestion? Why Is She Reacting This Way? :(