My cat had 2 kittens,four weeks ago.Last night,Both kittens were fine.They seemed healthy and the mother seemed attentive.Today,I could not find the calico kitten.The solid white one was on the bed in the spare room they are staying in.The mother was with it.I found the calico under the bed.It was missing it's head one leg and its heart was outside of it's body.She must have eaten it,as there are no other animals in the room with them.The mother is approx.5 years old and this was her first litter.I will take the other kitten out tonight,and start feeding it a nursing supplement.She seems to be fine with the kitten left, but, I don't think I should trust her now.Why would she do this?They both seemed healthy and happy.She was taking good care of both of them,I am puzzled about this,Please ,if you have any information that can help me to understand this,It will be greatly appreciated.Thank you.Dorinda