I don't have an answer. I have a cat in the same situation. She had 1 kitten last night around 4pm, seemed to be in labor for a while then stopped. She is totally taking care of the kitten, eating & drinking. She likes me to lay w/ her in our closet, is very affectionate! We can still feel 1 moving & possibly 2. but no signs of labor. I am curious since each has a separate placenta, if the others are not quite ready to deliver. 1st kitten very strong & nursing like crazy. Our cat seems fine, but I don't want to risk her getting sick. We CANNOT afford to take her to vet, but she darted out of house about 2 months ago & didn't come back for almost 2 days,we couldn't find her anywhere. Now we're here. Please help. We CAN'T afford the vet bill!