My cat that I dearly LOVE coughed up blood last night twice. She was very nathargic, wouldn't move and appeared to be dying. I wrapped her in a sheet and laid her beside me on the bed expecting her to be deceased this morning. About 1:30 am she starting moving a little bit. This morning she did get down and go to her litter box but she was still moving very slow. SHe has never acted sick in her life. She is about 3 years old. She is healthy, eats well, and is only outside a little bit each day. SHe has been fixed. She acted almost paralyzed last night, she wouldn't move! It scared me to death. Does anyone have any ideas, she is precious to us! She was a stray we brought home a year ago and has become the centerpoint of our lives basically. Could it have been she got into something outside? Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful PLEASE.