Hi, my mom has a cat named Louie. We have had him for about 4-5 years now. She got him from a salesperson in front of Petsmart. We have always given him love and a great environment to live in...

However, for some reason he has never quite been "all-there". He is VERY distant, he will usually stay under my moms bed all day and on occasion he will come and cuddle with one of us. He is also very skinny, I understand that some cats are just like that naturally but it seems that his weight might be a part of his "illness?".

He also always seems to be sad and some times it seems like he doesn't know where he is or that he is scared.And now for the past year or so I have come across strange wounds on his body, not like a scratch from playing with another cat, but deep bloody wounds, like he has been nervous or so out of sorts that he has scratched his skin raw. He has had these all over his body so far. We of course take care of him as best as we can but I need some answers here!

My question is that could all of these factors be a severe mental disorder? And if so is there any treatment we can give him to ease his pain and make him happier?

Please and Thank You so much.:confused: