My cat started acting like she was being eaten alive by bugs about one month ago. It is spring in CA, so I assumed fleas and treated her with Frontline Plus, which has always done the trick in the past. After the second dose, the behavior is still the same (and I made sure to apply it correctly). Something "bites" her, she jumps, licks, and bites the area, and runs around the house, hiding under the coffee table or covers on the bed to escape whatever it is that is biting her. I am pretty much positive that my initial diagnosis of fleas was wrong because the Frontline, which is good until the end of 2009, has had no effect. In addition, she sleeps on a white sheet, and there has been no evidence of either dead fleas or flea dirt within the past month. I know what to look for, as we had a pretty bad flea case a few years ago, and I am not seeing any of the physical evidence. She is shedding, and it looks like she has a slight touch of dry skin. What on earth is making her act like she is being bitten? Is it possible that some other bug is biting her? She has been eating Purina One cat food for the past three years, and there has been no other change in environment or diet. Help!