My cat brought fleas into my home. He has since then been bathed and had a fresh flea collar put on. It seems to be working, although I do find one or two on him every now an then therefore I have banished him from the house until I can comb him and not find a single flea.

My problem lies with the little passengers he left in the house. I have dropped the flea equivalent of an atomic bomb on these suckers and can't COMPLETELY get rid of them.

So far I have:
-fogged the place 3 times
-sprayed Ortho Home Defense Max on all the baseboards and windows
-loaded the carpet with carpet flea killer
-covered the house with 20 Mule Team Borax ( I heard this works)
-washed all the bedding and rugs
-vacuumed the carpet, under around and in all furniture as well
-made a homemade flea trap using a pan of water and a suspended lightbulb (by the way this works but not effective on a larger scale, it definitely tells me whether I have gotten rid of them)

PLEASE HELP!! It's embarrassing to have people come into your house and fear that they are going to get fleas on them. I have definitely bumped it down from an infestation to just a few relentless stragglers, but I don't want them havin' more babies. I've already spent almost $100 on different things to kill these suckers. If anyone has a sure fire way to take 'em out please let me know.