Please would you kindly advise us on how we can help our cats get along together?

My sister and I are proud owners of two adorable cats: my sisterís cat is a feisty female, 4 year old rescue cat long haired tortoise-shell, named Duchess.

My cat is an 11 year old British Shorthair lilac male who is docile, quiet and very good natured: his name is Niles.

7 weeks ago I have now moved back into the family home with Niles and we realised it would be hard for Duchess and Niles to get on in the beginning. We introduced Niles gradually by the use of a pen as recommended from our friends.

However we are worried, after seven weeks, meetings between Duchess and Niles are still unhappy and hostile with the aggression mainly coming from Duchess. Niles occasionally chases Duchess. We realise how territorial cats are in general and Duchess is particularly upset because she has always been the resident cat.

Would matters change for the better do you think if we moved house so that both cats could start afresh from scratch?

Please would you kindly advise us on what we can do please?

Best Regards