I don't know if my cat is just always hungry or if he just likes his new food so much that he wants it all the time. I feed him 2 cans of Fancy feast a day. One when I get up in the morning and one when I get home from work at night. He has his dry food out all day and gets treats too. I have recently started giving him the new gormet Fancy feast which he absolutely loves. Now not only does he want to eat twice a day, he wants it all day. He is begging like a dog. Sitting by his dish, going to the pantry and rubbing his paw on door and looking at me with sad eyes like please! Also when he is done eating he beggs for seconds... Could it be that the new food isn't filling him as much, or maybe he likes it so much that he wants more. I tried giving him the other fancy feast again but he just looks at it and tries to burry it, like I'm not eating this..
Do you think he just is being a pig?