My outside cat gave birth to one kitten about 6 weeks ago. She's a little girl. For the first few weeks, she seemed just fine. Started eating regular cat food. Because of a lot of moving trucks that were passing through my yard, I brought her and her mother inside to keep them safe. Less than a week later, I noticed little Molly stumbling when she tried to walk. It's gotten a lot worse now. She can't stand up to eat her food. I bought her some kitten Vitamin Paste by Pro-Pet and am trying to supplement her diet by feeding her Just Born milk for orphaned kittens while she is still nursing with her mother. She seems perfectly healthy other than her inability to stand and walk. I have to get her to the vet soon, but having some financial problems. Does anyone know what might be causing this? I've had cats my entire life but have never seen anything quite like this. She does not seem to be in pain, but I worry about that, too. She seems so frustrated that she can't walk and play. Help?