My honda is still not getting fuel,even after replacing the main fuel/pump relay. I can't hear the fuel pump come on. It took several tries 2 days ago, now it won't get fuel at all. Should I replace the fuel pump? Do they act up a few times then die? I might add that when the car wouldn't start the other day, I couldn't hear the fuel pump click on. But then I tried a few times more and as soon as I heard the fuel pump,it started right up! But like I said now there's no sound from the fuel pump. One more thing several months before when I would drive the car it would go but being kind of gutless. It would have more power at times. In the morning I would have to pump it once and start it 2 or 3 times before it would stay running. I thought it was the injectors being dirty but could it be from the fuel pump going? Help me figure this out please:)