I've been having problems with a 1.8 nissan primera (petrol) engine light is on OBD returned this fault. Has had crank sensor replaced which improved things slightly, but it's still not 100% and engine light is still on. The nissan dealer cleared the code memory and re-checked the OBD. Same code returned P0335 crank position sensor A circuit malfunction. When this was originally diagnosed the dealer said this code can arise with either a crank sensor fault or a camshaft sensor fault or if there is an issue with the timing chain, for example tensioning problems. This he said was because if there is a problem with the chain then the 2 sensors between them might not agree on the engine position which confuses the system and hence it runs 'rough as a bucket of chisels' (my words, not his!). The main question is, as I've had the crank sensor replaced, if the timing chain causes the ECU to not read positions correctly, shouldn't the OBD code returned be P0340-P0344, i.e. camshaft position sensor faults? Sorry this lot is all a bit long-winded, but thanks in advance to anyone who can read through it all and make any suggestions or offer any answers!