I've read posts concerning the instrument panel lights in some 2000 Honda Accords not working properly due to a faulty multiplex unit, improper installation of aftermarket radios, and/or bad wiring/connections, and so on. However, I have not come across a single post that might explain why my instrument panel lights don't work when the exterior air temperature is cold (i.e. below 50 degrees F).

I noticed this problem a couple of weeks ago when it was a relatively cold night, but did not put two and two together until today (at 4pm it's around 65 degrees, and the instrument panel lights work fine now, but I don't need them during the day! ). The headlights work fine, as do the taillights, and radio. Also, the backup lights are working, which, as far as I know, are on the same circuit as the instrument panel lights. I may be missing something here but I've found, and consistently so, that the instrument panel lights do not work in cold weather. Is there a good reason for this? If so, a relatively inexpensive fix?

Thank you!