Hello all

I hope someone can tell me what's going on I have a 2004 honda accord lx with 42,000miles I had a problem with the my trans so I had it rebuild when I went to pick it up as I was driving home the D light on the dash that is suppose to be bold when I am in drive started blinking then I noticed when I put it in park both the P light and the D light were on The park light was blod and the drive light was blinking at the same time the guy who fixed my trans said first its OK you can drive with no problem but I think its not OK so I sent it back he kept it for a week and said the car is not giving any codes so its fine again I sent it back and he said that light has nothing to do with the trans so again I sent it back he kepted it for 2 weeks and called to pick it up again on my way home it starts blinking again so I sent it back and the guy who took $2,200.00 TO REBUILD MY TRANS he said he has no idea what is going on I didn't send the car in with that problem it started after he did work on trans so now what do I do he wants more money to replace the neutral safety switch which I think has nothing to do with that d light blinking and still he says he doesn't know why its blinking can someone please help me here and give me an idea what to do next My honda reference book says if that light is blinking it could be trans problem but this guy says that light has nothing to do with the trans He says he's not getting any codes from the car PLEASE HELP SOMEONE