Hello, I was hoping someone could give some feedback on my issue. I just purchased a 95 Lincoln Continental. 94k miles. I notice that when I turn the wheel left, it makes a grinding or growling noise. The noise stops when I stop turning the wheel. I looked under the front and noticed CV boot ripped and grease everywhere on drivers side. So I brought it in to a shop. They said I need a "Half Shaft & CV Assy" and a sway bar link. BUT I am afraid to spend the money if my problem is something else. I always thought CV joints made a clicking noise. And my noise happens when.. 1) I drive for approx 20 min, the noise is NOT present when I first drive it. 2) when I turn the wheel EVEN when stopped. So my question is could the CV joint be causing my main concern of the grind, or growl, when I'm turning the wheel and not even moving? Also note, power steering fluid is full. To better explain the noise, it sounds like when you are in a repair garage that has that rubberized coating on the floor and turn your wheel. Like when I used to detail cars at a Ford dealer, they had that rubber coated garage floor, and when I would drive cars in and turn the wheel the floor would growl against the rubber tire treads. I hope that gives detail to my description. Thanks!