Wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on some front end noise I have been experiencing lately on my 2001 Honda Accord. I thought it was a bad tire as I just had a set put on about 8,000 miles ago as well as having the front end aligned. I noticed a roaring type wum, wum, wum, wum, wum noise coming from the front end. I was told it was a left wheel bearing. I had both of them changed yesterday and it cost $350.00. The noise is still there and now the car is pulling to left while driving down the road. The noise is not a clicking noise or is it affected when I go around curves. You can hear it well at around 40 to 50 mph. When you let off the gas and let it coast it is not as bad but you can hear it. Also when you apply gas to speed up it is a little more noticeable. I fear it is coming fromt the transmission or front wheel drive unit. I noticed another person on this site has had the same problem. Any information would be great.