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    Jan 23, 2006, 05:41 PM
    Civic Blown Fuse Or Relay Won't shift into Drive!
    97 Civic-Car Starts-Can't put it into drive-Blown Fuse or Relay?

    My '97 Civic starts right up, however…… Can't put it into Drive!
    (Yes I know that I need to step on the brake!)
    Here are the details; 1- When I depress the thumb button on the shifter the relay clicks at the ignition switch, will not shift out of park. 2- The following gauges are out; A-Fuel, B-Temperature, and C-Tachometer. 3- The following indicator lamps are out; A- SRS and B- ABS.

    Note: Coincidence probably but……SRS lamp had been on for over a month. Brought car into dealer to have new Michelins put on and have the SRS checked out. “Error Code 08-5 for Internal Failure of the SRS Unit - Needs Replacement” was found. I chose to wait on replacing the SRS Unit, approximately $ 800.00 parts and labor to replace. Not in budget at the time.

    One week later and less than a hundred miles, the above symptoms occurred when I tried going to work one morning.

    I've checked all fuses that I can find, all good. The rest of the electrical system works fine, head lights, brake lights, turn signals, radio, heater fan, interior, etc.

    History Note: About to years ago someone attempted to steal the car. The ignition lock was damaged and replace by a dealer.

    ***What do I need to fix or replace in order to restore the gauges and be able to shift into drive??

    ***While we are at it…. Can I test the function of the SRS unit myself and/or replace the SRS unit and find one for less than at a dealer if I do need to replace it?

    Great car, low miles, ultra clean, no rust, brand new tires! Just having a bad day!:(

    Thanks for any help.
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    Feb 11, 2006, 01:03 AM
    To bypass the shift lock---stick your key into the funny looking slot next to the gear lever shifter.
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    Feb 11, 2006, 07:18 AM
    With all these problems, I definitely would not take it to a Dealer Service Department; unless there is no other choice.
    My own car, a 2000 model, was acting like the engine was "missing". Took it to a reputable garage mechanic who does repairs for half the cost of a Dealer. He found a "Critical Bulletin" on a "sensor" part for the transmission, but his computer could not "call up" the bulletin. Ford would not allow anyone else to have it... only Dealer Service Departments. In this particular case, the cost to fix it by the Dealer was ridiculous.
    I suggest taking it to a reputable garage, checking with someone in your local area about where to take it. Then, if they can't fix it, you are stuck with the Dealer.

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