I bought a second hand car a few months ago. The
Dealer promised to give me the car's title in 5 or 6 weeks. And, the
Dealer wrote down "clean title" in the contract as well. After a month
Or so, the dealer said I must pay 146$ more to have the title for my
Car. The fact was a rental company was the previous owner of my car. The
Rental company leased the car from a leasing company. But the leasing
Company did not pay for the tab for one and half years. So, I must pay
For the tab (146$). Is this right? Should I pay for it or can I ask my
Dealer to pay for it because the dealer promised me to give me the
Title. The dealer says they cannot pay for me. I do not have the title
Yet. And, the dealer is so stubbern that they are not going to give me the title unless I pay first.
What do I do?